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Being a Thrive Life Consultant doesn't take much. All you need is a love for food and a desire to share. By cooking up the meals you already love and sharing them with a neighbor, you can build a dependable income and start spending more time with the people you love.

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Calling All Friends and Foodies. Are You In?

I want to help provide opportunities for my family

I'd love to work...around my schedule

I love helping friends find something valuable

I want to make a difference

How It Works

We know you have a lot on your plate (pun intended), which is why we designed Thrive Life for people who need to work on their own time. Our career plan is built to reward you for the work you did yesterday, today and will do tomorrow, helping you grow your paycheck without increasing your workload.

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Starter Kits

To run a successful business, you need enough Thrive Life foods to try it for yourself and share it with others. Our Starter Kits give Consultants everything they need to get out and start sharing Thrive Life with the world.

Social Seller


This kit is a sampling of food for yourself plus a little to share. It provides a good assortment of Thrive foods plus Ruvi and all the supplies needed to get started.

Ruvi Kit


Want to hit the ground running with Ruvi? The Ruvi kit contains a month's supply of Ruvi plus all the materials to get you going.

Business Builder


This kit is designed to help you share Thrive and Ruvi products with others. It includes products to get you started plus extras of those easy-to-share products. It's full of enough great Thrive products and materials for your first few tastings.

Business Builder Plus


Want a jump start on your business? This kit includes 2 Business Builder Kits and 1 Social Seller Kit. This is your best way to build up the inventory for your business quickly.

“For years, I worked doing the same thing over and over. Now with Thrive Life, I can finally say that I love my job! It allows me to be there for more of life's little moments with my family.”

Beverly Velasco

Bringing Home the Bacon

Building an income with Thrive Life is pretty simple and focuses on two main sources of growth:

Find people who want clean, simple food shipped to their doorstep with the Delivery Service.

Find others who'd like to build a better life by becoming Thrive Life Consultants.

Thrive Life is a one-of-a-kind job opportunity for many reasons, but your potential residual income stands out the most. This means that you don’t have to start from square one every month, and the work you do in the past will keep pushing you towards your future goals!
This month, all you need to do is purchase one of our three starter kit options, which ranges from $135-$499. From then on, you just need a personal delivery on the Delivery Service of $50 each month to qualify for commission. And don’t forget, you’ll earn 5% back on your personal delivery over $50!
There’s no limit to your earning potential with Thrive Life. In fact, you even have the potential to out-earn our current top leaders! With just one party a week, you can earn over $400* in your first month!
*This is an example of earning potential in a Consultant's first month after meeting the builder bonus but is not a guaranteed figure.
You’ll quickly find that everyone loves food, which means you have a product that everyone can benefit from! To get started, host your first tasting to let your friends do a taste test and see the food in action!
Click here to purchase your starter kit and start your delivery service, or contact your Consultant and they’ll walk you through the whole process.
You can put as few or as many hours to working your business. The more you put in, the higher the rewards! We also have a training program called Getting Started that’ll help you get started. Overall, this training should not take more than a few hours. You’ll find that most of your “training” happens naturally as you do tastings and talk to people about why you love the food.
How many people do you know eat food? Chances are, all of them would be interested in clean, simple food that saves them time and money! You have a product that people want and need, which means you can feel good sharing (and eating)!
Yes! Thrive Life has several additional rewards for our Consultants, including all Preferred Customer perks, luxury trips around the world, dozens of contests, and gifts for rank advancements! To learn more, click here.

Who wants Thrive Life?

What made you want the food? Chances are, there are hundreds of people you know who would want to give it a try for the same reasons you did. After all, everyone needs food!

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